Who We Are
ObjectNet Technologies, Inc. founded in 1997, is engaged in providing information systems services including systems analysis and design, software product development with turnkey solutions, user training and technical consulting. Comprehensive services are offered in the areas of programming, testing, implementation, database administration and systems administration. Our talented pool of software professionals has played a vital role in the successful execution of numerous IT projects across multiple industries. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in a major proportion of our business coming from existing customers through their referrals. We distinguish ourselves by our high-energy technical services, a sharp focus on emerging technologies, and a long-term commitment to our clients.
Our Vision
  • To be recognized by our customers, vendors, partners and employees as the leading information technology solutions provider across the Globe.
Our Mission
  • To build and maintain a high level of collaboration among our clients and developers in order to be the first port of call for our clients IT business requirements.
  •  To be a highly desirable place of work for our current and prospective employees
Our Values
  • Our values determine how we treat our stakeholders so as to ensure optimal outcomes and effectiveness of our work. These core values allow us to consistently deliver high quality results and establish lasting relationships.
Our Organizational Values include:
  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Quality Work Ethics
  • Certified Skills
Key Company Highlights
  •  Sustained growth in a competitive, complex marketplace
  •  Successfully established onshore, and offshore model
  •  Strong regional presence across USA and other sub-continents.
  •  Customer focused with dedicated young professionals eager to take challenges and turn them into measurable results for our clients.